Rob Bier

Here in Southeast Asia, the vast majority of startup Founders are young and inexperienced, certainly compared to Silicon Valley. There aren’t many seasoned entrepreneurs to act as mentors…but that hasn’t stopped local Founders from building 40 unicorns in less than ten years! I’m impressed.

How do they do it? Simple…

Imagine you’re Lex, an ambitious 31-year old software engineer with some good managerial experience. You’ve just been offered the role of Head of Engineering for a hot young series A start-up, reporting directly to the CEO, Meg.

Naturally, you’re super pumped: this role puts you in the senior leadership position…

I was recently chatting with the CHRO of a highly successful tech startup. She has helped them grow from 500 to 2,000 people in less than two years — effectively doubling their size each year.

Every ambitious startup wishes they could do that. That kind of growth is how you…

Rob Bier

Rob is an expert guide in the world of startup leadership and high-performance organizations. A 3-time CEO, he now advises many startups including 7 unicorns.

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