Execution is Overrated

  1. Make it clear that you expect and value Initiation from all your people, especially your team leads and managers.
  2. Give people the opportunity to practice. If you’re always the first to suggest what to do next without leaving space for others to do so, they won’t get the chance to develop this skill — and they’ll get the message that it’s not what you expect of them.
  3. When they do Initiate, either by getting on with something or proposing a new action item, name what they did and express your appreciation — even if you don’t always agree with their proposed next step.
  4. Build Initiation into your performance evaluation process, and place a big emphasis on it when making promotion decisions.



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Rob Bier

Rob Bier


Rob is an expert guide in the world of startup leadership and high-performance organizations. A 3-time CEO, he now advises many startups including 7 unicorns.