What’s A High Performance Organization?

Turning tension in to harmony

Productivity: Get the right stuff done

  • Do we consistently focus on our most important priorities?
  • Do we make good progress in the time we spend working?
  • Do we harness the collective intelligence of the team to generate ideas and reach decisions better than we could have done alone?
  • Do we commit to action and follow through?

Positivity: Create a great workplace

  • Do people feel psychologically safe at work?
  • Is it easy for them to contribute their best thinking?
  • Does everyone’s view get genuine consideration?
  • Do people have the autonomy and support to do their best work?
  • Do people feel appreciated for their contributions?

Getting your company in the zone



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Rob Bier

Rob Bier


Rob is an expert guide in the world of startup leadership and high-performance organizations. A 3-time CEO, he now advises many startups including 7 unicorns.