Who Wants to Be Layered?

Layering is inevitable

It doesn’t have to hurt

It’s all in the preparation

  1. Raise the issue early in the recruiting process. Explain your philosophy and see how your candidate feels about it. Be sure to listen as well as speak.
  2. Clarify that you’re completely open to them going “all the way” but that you want to be very clear that it’s not guaranteed.
  3. State your commitment to supporting their development in any way you can and to involve them in the hiring process if layering day ever comes.
  4. Finally, remind them that this scenario is a “high-class problem” — one that only arises if the company is outrageously successful…so first, everyone needs to get to work!



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Rob Bier

Rob Bier


Rob is an expert guide in the world of startup leadership and high-performance organizations. A 3-time CEO, he now advises many startups including 7 unicorns.