You Can’t Solve A Problem If You Can’t Talk About It

Challenge Number 1: Everyone has a different perspective

Challenge Number 2: We don’t want to damage our relationships

It vs. Us and the Three Buckets

  • Bucket 1 contains the things we talk about openly, and it’s constrained by our poorly calibrated filters.
  • Bucket 2 is for things that get talked about, but only at the bar with your work friends. Bucket 2 is often full to the brim — a bad sign.
  • Bucket 3 is full of things that never get talked about at all, except perhaps with a close friend or partner outside your organization. You might have no idea what’s in Bucket 3 because no one likes peering into it, much less talking about its contents.

What can you do about it?



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Rob Bier

Rob Bier


Rob is an expert guide in the world of startup leadership and high-performance organizations. A 3-time CEO, he now advises many startups including 7 unicorns.